Why Finance Solar Installation for Your Home?

Worried about the cost of going solar? With our $0 out-of-pocket financing options it’s never been easier or smarter to go solar. Our program is built specifically to help you finance solar installation in your home so you can save money and help our environment.

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Solar financing optionsmake solar energy more affordable and accessible to a wider range of homeowners. Rather than paying the full cost of the system upfront, financing allows you to spread out the payments over a period of time. This makes it easier to fit solar into your budget and reap the long-term financial benefits without a significant financial strain.

2. Return on Investment

While financing solar panels involves monthly payments, the savings generated by reduced energy bills often outweigh the cost of financing. In many cases, the monthly financing payments are lower than the amount you would save on your electricity bill. This means that from day one, you can start enjoying the financial benefits of solar energy while paying off the system over time.

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3. Immediate Savings

By financing solar panels, you can start saving on your energy bills immediately. As soon as the system is installed and connected, it begins generating electricity and offsetting your reliance on grid power. Depending on the size of the system and your energy consumption, you may even eliminate your electricity bill entirely or significantly reduce it. This can result in substantial savings over the life of the system.
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4. Flexible Financing Options


Getting a loan through our financing program offers you $0 down, 100% financing, and no pre-payment penalties. We believe that you shouldn’t have to rent your power from the utility company, that’s why our financing is designed to help you start owning your power with a home solar panel system.


Want to get the most savings out of your system from day 1? Purchasing outright may be the right choice for you. By purchasing your home solar panel system directly from us instead of financing you avoid paying interest, lowering your overall system cost, and maximizing your savings from the day your system is turned on.

Why we don’t offer leasing

We believe you should own your power just like you own your home. Through our financing and purchasing options you own your system outright and the power it generates. Companies who use leasing plans claim to sell solar energy when all they are actually doing is leasing the equipment from them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Financing

Can I finance solar installation with bad credit?

Yes, there are financing options available for individuals with less than perfect credit. While some lenders may require a higher interest rate or a larger down payment, exploring different financing programs can help you find a suitable solution.

How long does it take to recoup the cost of solar installation?

The payback period for solar installation varies depending on factors such as your location, energy consumption, and financing terms. On average, homeowners can expect to recoup their investment within 5 to 10 years through energy savings.

What happens if I move before the financing term ends?

Most financing options are transferable, allowing you to transfer the remaining balance or agreement to the new homeowner. It’s important to discuss this with your financing provider and include the transferability clause in the contract.

Are there any maintenance costs associated with solar panels?

Solar panels generally require minimal maintenance. Regular cleaning to remove dirt and debris is recommended, and occasional inspections ensure optimal performance. Most solar panel manufacturers provide warranties that cover maintenance and repairs for a specified period.


In conclusion, financing solar panels provides an affordable way to harness the power of the sun and enjoy the benefits of solar energy. With flexible financing options, immediate savings, and the potential for a return on investment,

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